The beauty of LED neon means that it’s possible to turn almost any idea, logo, phrase or design into a personalised sign. While its versatility puts traditional glass neon signs to shame in terms of price, longevity and capability, those classic pieces still have a place in our hearts.

Therefore, what better way to launch the Neon Works website, than by looking back over some iconic neon signs from across the globe? Here are a handful of our personal favourites.

Neon Works - Neon Sign - welcome to las vegas

1) Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign

Neon signs and Las Vegas go together like salt and pepper. Home to The Neon Museum, you’d be hard-pressed to find a hotel, bar or restaurant that didn’t feature this iconic art in some way, shape or form.

And no rundown of the top neon signs would be complete without a mention of the Las Vegas sign. Designed by Betty Willis in 1959, the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ landmark has become something of a symbol of the city – and an Instagram must-snap for tourists.

2) Oscar’s Neon Martini Glass

The first-ever neon sign to impress visitors to Sin City was at Oasis Café on Fremont Street. Although it is now overshadowed by its aforementioned Las Vegas cousin, this classic neon design encapsulates the ‘soul’ of Vegas almost perfectly.

3) Neon open sign

It’s impossible to walk through any self-respecting town centre and not see an illuminated open sign taking pride of place in a shop window. Done right, modern LED neon equivalents look entirely the part, and are making a serious comeback across a range of hipster stores and indie high street heroes.

4) Neon pink flamingo neon

One of our personal favourites – we have no less than three at our Huddersfield HQ – the pink flamingo never goes out of style. Whether it’s hanging in a box, taking pride of place as a freestanding lamp or fixed high upon a wall, this traditional neon sign is designed to impress guests and friends alike.

5) Chinese storefront

What rundown of neon signs would be complete without paying homage to the sights of Shanghai? From the stop-you-in-your-tracks views across The Bund on an evening, to the small-scale neon clinging to shop fascias as far as the eye can see – they certainly know how to bring their streets to life.

6) Illuminated bar sign

They say fashions come back around, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the interior décor of edgy eateries and cosy cocktail lounges. Trendy neon signs – with drinks-related designs – are proving popular with pubs and clubs, advertising everything from pop-up prosecco bars, to well, the bar itself!

7) Tattoo shop neon sign

Tattoo shops have long-since been associated with intricate calligraphy and an innate sense of ‘cool’. Oozing curb appeal, these trendy neon boxes are just as much a part of the tattoo studio scene as the artwork itself.

8) Sex shop sign

Who said neon needs to be classy? As seen on Drew Pritchard’s ‘Salvages Hunters’ show, neon ‘sex shop’ signs are in high demand. Add a clear Perspex case, two chrome hanging hooks and an elaborate chain, and you’ve got yourself a modern classic.

Want to bring some classic neon into your cosy corner of the world? Get in touch to find out more, or browse our store for some neon-spiration.

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