Why buy a custom LED neon sign?

Whether you’re looking to add a new dimension to a trendy office, franchised coffee house, independent clothes shop or an up-and-coming new restaurant, an Instagram-worthy illuminated slogan or retro neon light can bring your brand to life, draw the eye and become a visual attraction in itself – generating plenty of social media shares too!

One of the main benefits of LED neon is that it can be manufactured to closely replicate a company logo or corporate identity – including font, colour and style. This lets you show off your brand’s unique personality, rather than relying on a popular ‘off the shelf’ shape.

Who is LED neon suitable for?

Eye-catching neon lights are a great way of showcasing your personality – whether that’s in a high-street shop window, kitsch café bar, bold company boardroom or your own cosy living room.

If you want to generate a focal point, attract the attention of passers-by, or simply want to let visitors do your social media marketing for you, you’d be surprised at how much of a difference a neon sign can make.

What are the specifications of LED neon signs?

All our neon signs use 24v LEDs which are firstly mounted inside a robust back panel, before being covered with coloured silicone. There are 16 vibrant colours to choose from, and we use 12mm wide silicone – which means there is a letter cap height minimum of 70mm, in order to accommodate bending and shaping.

Can you design my custom neon sign?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a clue where to start, or you already have an idea in mind, we will work with you to create your very own, custom neon sign.

To begin with, we’ll discuss your neon artwork’s size, colour, style, lettering or design and the type of backboard or mounting you’re looking for. Then once we’ve established where it’s going to be located – to help with fixing – we can decide on any extras, such as the capability to flash or dim.

How bright is a bespoke LED neon sign?

Our neon signs use 24v LEDs for the brightest appearance possible. The standard back panel is clear acrylic with beautifully polished edges to further enhance and refract the light. Alternatively, you can choose a solid black or white background – if that better suits your brand’s style.

You can add even more effects to your neon sign with a controller. Not only does this allow you to adjust the brightness, but it also enables you to choose different flash modes of varying speeds.

How do I display my LED neon sign?

Each of our bespoke neon signs comes with an acrylic back panel and pre-drilled hanging holes, which can then be fixed to a wall or hung from a window. We also provide 4.2 metres of cable which is attached to a small LED driver and a UK plug.

It’s also possible for us to supply individual letters – with stand-off locators to the rear – which removes the need for a back panel, but each letter would have a separate power cable feeding into the LED transformer and plug. We can add a base and make your design into a freestanding neon lamp too!

For those looking for the ultimate retro neon effect, signs can also be housed in a clear acrylic box – just like the old days!

Currently all LED Neon signs are for internal use, but we’re working hard behind the scenes to manufacture a fully waterproof option. Keep an eye on our Instagram page to monitor our progress and for a peek behind the scenes!

Where are Neon Works signs made?

Each of our neon signs is completely bespoke and manufactured by our own sign writer in our Yorkshire workshop, just outside Huddersfield.

We’re not far from the M62 and M1 (or Manchester Airport) so if you’d like to take a look at some of our designs, and see how they are made, you’d be welcome to stop by – just give us a call first.

Retro LED neon vs. traditional glass neon signs

LED neon signs look almost identical to traditional glass neon but differ vastly in the flexibility of design as well as the impact on the environment – not to mention your wallet!

How are LED neon lights different from traditional glass neon signs?

LED neon lights have the same wow-factor as their traditional, glass neon sign counterparts – but with the modern benefit of being far more energy efficient, cost effective and with almost limitless possibilities in terms of design, colour and effects.

Are LED neon signs cheaper to run?

One of the main advantages of an LED neon sign is the cost saving it provides. As with the LED bulbs we rely on at home and in the office, these lights require much lower voltage to run than traditional neon lights, making them 80% more energy efficient, and significantly cheaper to power.

Not only that but looking after your LED neon sign in the long-term is much easier too. These technologically savvy solutions require hardly any upkeep, meaning your LED light shouldn’t demand regular repairs or replacements.

Are LED neon signs safer?

Yes. As well as the cost-saving benefits of LED neon signs, these visual installations don’t use toxic gases or mercury – both of which can be found in traditional neon lights. Although these elements are safe in small amounts, neon gas does have the potential to be dangerous to health if there is damage to the neon tubing and the gas can escape.


I’ve been a sign writer since 2004 and always enjoyed making illuminated signage. I sold my successful signwriting business in 2019 to allow me to establish Neon Works and give me the freedom to work creatively and independently on the areas I enjoy most.

- Mark Davies, founder of Neon Works.

When moving to a new office, we ordered a bespoke Neon XTRA sign for the wall in our ‘quiet room’. It was easy to install, and Neon Works was a pleasure to deal with. Not only that, but our illuminated ‘Ssssh!’ sign gets lots of compliments from visitors too – we love showing it off!

- Katie Mallinson, MD and Founder of Scriba PR.

I ordered an LED neon rainbow to brighten up my living room window during the coronavirus lockdown. I couldn’t believe how bright it was – so much so, it shone into my brother’s window, who lives across the road! It really did lighten up the whole street when we needed it the most!

- Iris Williams.

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