The beauty of life at Neon Works is that we’re always making something different – be it a motivational slogan for someone’s home, or an eye-catching piece of art for a high-street window display. But, in recent weeks, we’ve had a lot of requests for ‘old school’ neon boxes.

So, with lockdown still in full swing, we headed into the workshop to create a couple of sample signs which blended the traditional look and feel of these iconic illuminated boxes, with the modern craftsmanship of LED neon.

Although it’s so easy for us to want every single sign we make to adorn one of the walls in our house, we’ve managed to keep these at our HQ (at least for now) so visitors can have a closer look when they visit our office over the coming months.

While we think neon looks great in all its forms (we’re biased, of course) there’s nothing quite like taking a trip down memory lane and seeing an eye-catching, retro-inspired neon sign adorning a wall or window. Be it a tattoo shop, directions to the bar or a warm glow above your bed promising a night filled with dreams…

Check out our gallery below for a spot of inspiration, or view the full range of neon boxes on our dedicated shop page, here.


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