Choosing the right signage solution can be tough at the best of times – would a classic cut of your logo work best, perhaps a simple sign tray, or do you ‘go bold’ and opt for some eye-catching illuminated lettering? If it’s the latter, LED neon or neon XTRA could be just the ticket – but what’s the difference? Here, our founder, Mark Davies, take a look…

The number of internal and external signage options on the market is unbelievable. From off-the-shelf stock items, to completely bespoke, high-end solutions, when it comes to branding, you can truly let your imagination – and budget – run completely wild.

LED neon – A modern twist on classic neon signs

Who doesn’t love a neon sign? From the famous Las Vegas strip, to oversized angel wings adorning the walls of bars across the country, these bold lighting installations are here to stay. However – thanks to a move from glass to LED – the style, safety and cost has evolved significantly in recent years.

What hasn’t changed though, is its ability to offer an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and establish some serious curb appeal. By capturing the attention of anyone visiting – or simply passing by – your business, you’re sure to make a solid first impression.

The versatility of LED neon lends itself to displaying text, slogans, shapes, animals, wayfinding arrows, and much more. Plus, with Insta-worthy signage hanging from your wall, you’ll see plenty of visitors wanting to capture that perfect social media shot to share with their followers.

For most of our customers, we find they want our LED neon to mimic the traditional glass neon style, but with a modern twist. In keeping with the traditional neon ‘look’, each letter, shape, or line has a set 12mm stroke width and comes with the LEDs set into an 8mm clear acrylic contour cut back panel. Then, a silicone cover is cut and bent and fitted over the top of the LEDs for that perfect neon effect.

For the finishing touches, the back panel also comes with beautiful, flame polished edges in order to add the ‘wow-factor’ to the light. There’s also the option to see it housed inside a clear acrylic box – for the ultimate retro neon sign solution.

LED Neon XTRA – replicating a brand identity through light

As our name suggests, we’re pretty handy when it comes to all-things-neon, but it is possible to have the same impact – as well as accurately reproducing a particular brand font, logo or style – using neon XTRA.

CNC cut from 30mm block acrylic, this illuminated lettering is more robust – thanks to the LEDs being safely sealed inside the shape or letter – and allows for more versatile use, fixings and layouts.

With just as much impact as its LED neon cousin, such signage can be mounted onto sign trays or clear back panels, as well as fixed piece-by-piece to a wall – to allow letters or components to be separated from each other.

Plus, the extensive range of vinyl finishes allow for a multitude of styles and colours beyond that of LED neon – and you can even mix the two, for that ultra-impactful finish.

But they aren’t all that different…

While LED neon and neon XTRA might have their differences, they are still two products from the same illuminating family. Each option is suitable for display inside an acrylic retro neon box – for that classic neon look – while a range of super-bright colours are available.

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy working on signs that include both of these materials, so we’ve included a little sample below.

With every one of our LED neon and block acrylic signs made to order, we can work with you to find exactly the right content for you. Drop us a line today, or take a look at our neon sign creator tool, to get you started.

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